Words of Hope in Song – Week 1

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As Christians everywhere we are encouraged to keep a song in our heart. And why not? When we sing those lovely gospel melodies, it not only draws us closer to Christ but singing has wonderful health benefits too. Who knew?!

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♦ Singing improves the immune system.
♦ It is a great way to relieve stress.
♦ Singing improves mental alertness and 
   boosts confidence levels.
♦ It  improves posture.
♦ Singing also improves lung capacity.
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Singing is a wonderful way for persons who are stressed and down in despair to release negative thoughts and tension and become rejuvenated. Why not song a song today?

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Amidst all the trials around us let’s continue to sing of God’s love and the hope He gives us by sacrificing His only son so that we may live.

When the trials come sing the stress away, sing the fear away, sing discouragement and anger away. Cause guess what? We serve a mighty God who is bigger than any trials we might face. We are too blessed to be stressed.

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This week we share with you a song that speaks of God’s love.

We hope that you receive a blessing.

You are my King (Amazing Love)

Have a stress free singing week!

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