Why does our body need water

Why Does Our Body Need Water? What’s the Big Deal?

So far we have looked at “N” and “E” in our  N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T regime. We looked at the tremendous benefits of apples and lemons as well as exercise. We are now at “W” which stands for water.

Water is a very precious resource. We cannot survive without water.

Many persons don’t fully understand just how important water is to our bodies. Drinking water is a big deal. When we go a day without a minimum of ten glasses of water we do our bodies great harm.

God has given us this precious gift to help us to stay recharged. But before we look at the awesome benefits of this commodity we want to share a devotional thought with you.

Devotional Thought

When we pray let us allow God to have His way in our lives. This week things may not have been exactly how you planned. Maybe there has been some rain on your parade.The human nature wants things done immediately but God always knows whats best.

Why does our body need water? What is the big deal?

Water Prevents Dehydration and Helps to Stabilize Body Temperature

Dehydration is very dangerous as water is essential for many bodily functions. It is crucial to avoid dehydration. Severe dehydration can result in a number of severe complications such as seizures, kidney failure and the swelling of the brain. Dehydration also causes fatigue and confusion as well as anxiety and confusion which as a result has an impact on our mood. It is important to drink enough water to replenish what is lost through urination and sweat. Staying recharged with water is also essential to maintain body temperature. Sweat helps to keeps the body cool, but your temperature will rise if you don’t make up for the water that is lost. This is because our bodies lose plasma and electrolytes when it’s dehydrated. Let’s drink enough water to help our bodies to stay recharged and prevent dehydration.

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Water Helps to Treat Headaches and Boost Energy Levels

Headache often results when we don’t drink enough water. Our bodies need water to function. Drinking water helps to relieve headaches for many persons who experience them frequently. Drinking water also helps to activate your metabolism. Interestingly this boost in metabolism has been linked with a positive impact on our energy level. Drinking water is a big deal.

Drinking Water Helps with Excretion

Our bodies use water to sweat, urinate, and pass feces. As we explained earlier, sweat helps to maintain body temperature and we need keep drinking water to replenish this water that is lost. We also need sufficient water to properly pass feces and to avoid constipation. If you are already constipated drinking water can help ease the symptoms that you are experiencing. Water also enables our kidneys to properly filter waste through urination. Let’s be healthy and happy. Let us try to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day.

Still not convinced? Why is drinking water so important? Why does our body need water?

Water Protects Our Joints and Spinal Cord

Drinking water helps to lubricate and protect our spinal cord, joints and tissues. This helps during physical activity and lessens discomfort that may result as a result of conditions such as arthritis. Water is a big deal. When we drink water it also has a positive impact on our focus, alertness and short-term memory.

Water Helps to Treat Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is the most common form of urinary stones. When we drink more water this increases the volume of urine that passes through our kidneys. This fluid dilutes the concentration of minerals which makes them less likely to crystallize and form clumps. Let’s try to drink enough water today.

Water Helps with Digestion and Circulation

When we drink water before, during, and after meals we help our bodies to break down food more easily. Because of this we are able to get the most from our meals. Water also helps our body to dissolve vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from food and then transport these components to the rest of the body. Water enables these helpful nutrients to be delivered throughout the entire body and aids in circulation.

We can clearly see that drinking water is a big deal! We now have a better understanding of just how important water is. We need water to survive. Water makes up most of your body weight and is involved in many core functions. If you have to leave home always remember to take a bottle of water with you. Water is life.

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