Nominate Your Role Model/Activator

Hello friend,

Have you met an activator? These are people who make things happen.They not just “say” but they “do”.

Do you know someone who has been working hard for Christ? Someone who is selfless? Someone who goes above and beyond? This person stands out because they are not the typical christian. Think about your inner circle of close friends or even at church or school. Is this person humble and respectful? Why not use this opportunity to recognize them for their dedication? Nominate them for our Standing Ovation Award.

Agapē  Words of Hope Ministry seeks to encourage and empower each and every one of us along this christian journey. Around our world today there are some people who are just going through the motion but then there are others who have gone the extra mile. 

Let’s congratulate these individuals and encourage them to keep doing a wonderful job. Let them know that we appreciate them and recognize them for all they do. Nominate them for our Standing Ovation Award which will be featured on our activator’s trophy board. These are people who have been activated for our Lord & Saviour, who stand out wherever they are. These are people who encourage us to be recharged for Christ. 

To nominate there are 3 Easy steps:

1. Join our family to stay connected. Subscribe to receive words of hope and encouragement as fuel for the christian journey.

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2. Visit our Facebook page & tag your nominee in our nominations board.

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3. Send us a message via Facebook or our website explaining why you think your friend deserves to be recognized for this special Standing Ovation award.

What are you waiting for? Start nominating you can nominate up to 5 persons.

There is nothing more than knowing your hard work is appreciated and recognized. Show your love and appreciation for someone today.


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