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God’s word is a light unto our feet and a lamp unto our path. He wants us to spend more time in His word. God left His manual for us but many bibles are only opened at church or during certain times of the year. God’s words bring hope, joy, peace and reassurance. In His word He empowers us that we can do all things through Him! This manual tells of God’s love how He sacrificed His life just to save you and He wants you to spend time with Him. Lets get on that bible reading journey today with a definite plan. If you follow this guideline you are guaranteed to finish reading the bible in a year.

Just for you! Your Personal Bible Reading Calendar! For a low contribution that will be donated to the less fortunate. You will have the opportunity to assist a brother or sister in need and you will also receive a gift, a special bible reading plan to enhance your relationship with Christ as you read His word. Its a win-win. Only for a small contribution of $1.50 USD monthly.

As our thank you gift, we will also send a weekly schedule when you order within the first 12 days of the month.

God’s word is worth the read. Lets make the step today!


It is easy to say we will read the bible but with a very busy lifestyle this is often lost. Let’s be intentional and make a start or do a refresher today. As a bonus you get your weekly planner when you order within the 1st 12 days of the month. That’s our thank you gift! Let’s get reading! God bless you.


Psalms 119: 105

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