Must Read Books for Every Christian

Do you want to improve your relationship with Christ?

As christians, this is a daily goal for most of us. We want to improve our relationship with Christ. However, many have succumbed to a busy routine. Not many time is spent to read inspiration books that will draw us closer to Christ. Because there is so much to do we often neglect reading and without realizing we spend less and less time to improve our relationship with God each day. But let us not forget to make God our priority because He already made us His priority when He woke us up this morning.

As we travel through life’s journey there will be many things that we have to do each day. There will also be trials and obstacles. For years millions of people have been encouraged by reading books that gives them strength and improves their relationship with God. Let us find the time to read so that we may grow in our walk with Christ. There are some books that give us the encouragement that we need to stay recharged and keep going. Not only are they interesting but they give us that extra boost that we need to continue along life’s journey. We want to share some of these books with you.

As you read and are inspired, remember to share the words of hope and encouragement with friends and family as we are our brothers and sister’s keeper.

Steps to Christ – Find it here.

The Truth About Angels -Find it here.

The Desire of Ages – Find it here.

A Call to Stand Apart – Find it here.

There are many who have gone before us and have much experience. They have shared this wealth of knowledge with us in books to help us so that we don’t make the same mistakes. They have chosen to share knowledge concerning relationships, health, daily struggles, finance, faith, temptation and much more. Let us use their experience, wisdom and encouragement so that we may grow in our walk with Christ and be recharged along the christian journey. If you have books at home that are probably dusty clean them and get back to your reading routine. This is very important in our walk with Christ. If you have no books at home or would like to try something new and interesting you may select one of the books that we mentioned above.

Let us not be burdened and succumb to the cares of this life. Let us read to be recharged. We encourage you to keep going, keep growing and keep reading.

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The Healing Miracle Prayer – Find it here.



Lost! A Harrowing True Story of Disaster at Sea – Find it here.



Steps to Christ – Find it here.



Enough: Discovering A God Who Is Enough When You’re Not – Find it here.



The White Lie – Find it here.



The Desire of Ages – Find it here.



The Earthly Canvas Vegan Cook Book – Find it here.



The P.I.L.L Method: A Better Way to Eliminate Debt – Find it here.



How Jesus Treated People -Find it here.



Daring to Live by Every Word – Find it here.

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