let go and trust God

Let Go and Trust God

Thanks for joining us today! Welcome Home. Today we will look at the final “T” in our “N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.” regime. This stands for Trust in God. You may ask what does trusting God even have to do with health. Does God even care about my health? The answer is yes God does care about our health, as a matter a fact trusting God plays a big role on our journey to a healthier life. The “trusting” and the “doing” go hand in hand. In our world today it is important do get active but we need to understand that we cannot only rely on ourselves to be healthy and happy. To be truly healthy and happy we need to let go and trust God. Before we share more on how to let go and trust God we want to share this devotional thought with you.

let go and trust God
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Devotional Thought

Do you know someone who is always sad? How about someone who has a strong temper? Have you ever come across a person who is always negative?

Let Go and Trust God with Nutrition

We took a closer look at nutrition by looking at the awesome benefits of lemons. Lemons help to reduce blood pressure, maintains healthy skin, support weight loss, freshens breath, helps to reduce kidney stones and increase iron absorption. If we truly want to be healthy and happy we need to let go of harmful habits such as eating fast food that have high levels of sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol and also to let go of a total reliance on self. We need to trust God as we make the step each day to choose healthy foods that improve our nutrition. He has provided guidance in His words on issues concerning diet. Let us spend more time reading His words and praying. Before we make the right decision in our meal planner a very vital element of success is prayer. Let us pray that God gives us the strength to choose the healthier food and drink options that are nutritious and not only help us to recharge physically but spiritually as well. Let us earnestly seek God’s will and trust Him. He wants us to be healthy and happy. It may be difficult to choose the healthier alternatives but it is possible. When we rely on self things may seem impossible but when we trust God we know that with Him all things are possible. Therefore we need to let go and trust God. We cannot rely on our own strength totally. We need to trust God as we continue along life’s journey.

Let Go and Trust God with Exercise

We also looked at Easy Ways to Exercise at Home. We looked at jogging, chair sit ups, knee extensions, the plank and the lounge. Most people find it hard to exercise but we shared some easy alternatives that you can do at your own pace once you have the go ahead from your doctor. It is vital however that we ensure we pray before we start so that our desired goal maybe achieved. It is very easy to get complacent, lazy and slowly become inactive. But we need to let go of this temptation to be inactive as we prevent our bodies from getting a great health boost when we do little to no exercise. Exercise does not have to be hard. Let us let go of temptation to be inactive as well as to rely on our own self. We need to let go and trust God.

Let Go and Trust God with Water

After looking at the tremendous benefits of water we realized that drinking water is a big deal! Drinking water is a big deal for many reasons. Water prevents dehydration and helps to stabilize body temperature, it helps to treat headaches and boost energy levels, water helps with excretion, protects our joints and spinal cord, it also helps to treat kidney stones as well as it helps with digestion and circulation. As we seek to recharge and improve our health we need to let go and trust God even with our water intake. At first, some persons may find it hard to drink more than eight glasses of water each day. But if we keep trying this can be a reality if we let go of negative thoughts and turn those I can’ts into I can’s with God’s help. Having prayed, try to break the day down into smaller sections. That way you will know how much water to drink every two hours. The key is to be consistent.

Let Go and Trust God with Sunshine

We were also encouraged to improve the glow as we grow with sunshine. Sunshine provides us with a great source of Vitamin D. When absorbed in moderation, sunshine gives our immune system a strong boost which has a strong impact on our skin. However, sunshine must be absorbed in moderation and this goes hand in hand with our water intake. It may be easier to stay inside and avoid sunshine but sunshine is very beneficial as it has a strong impact on our immune system and our skin. The good thing is we don’t need to go far to get sunshine. If we truly want to be healthy and happy we need to let go of negative thoughts to avoid this powerful agent as well as total reliance on self because we cannot succeed on this health journey on our own. As we continue along our health journey let us remember to let go and trust God.

Let Go and Trust God with Temperance

Importantly, we have looked at 4 steps on how to save time on a busy day. The key to save time is to be temperate in all we do as we understand that there is a time and place for everything. This means that we will not spend too much time on small unimportant activities while the critical tasks are left behind. The first step is to prioritize, this is super important, then ensure to write, monitor your activities and mark complete once you finish each task. We need to seek God’s guidance as we complete each of these steps. Many of us forget to plan our daily activities but this is very important especially on a busy day. Using a comprehensive planner helps us to prioritize, write, monitor and mark complete once each task is finished. This provides structure and helps us to be organised so that important things don’t get left behind. Having a watch also helps. As we recharge and practice temperance let us remember to let go of the negatives and be positive. We cannot recharge on our own, let us let go and trust God.

Let Go and Trust God with Air

We also looked at how vital it is for us to breathe in clean air. We should ensure that the air that we breathe is as clean as possible so as to avoid lung cancer, strokes, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. As we select the best options to improve the quality of air around us let us remember to let go of surroundings with much air pollution and trust God to help us along our journey of better health. We also need to remember that we need his guidance as we cannot fully succeed on our health journey alone. We need to let go and trust God.

Let Go and Trust God with Rest

Furthermore, we have looked at the amazing benefits of rest and relaxation on our health. Rest and relaxation not only reduces tiredness as many people know but there are surprising benefits too. Rest and relaxation affects the mind, heart, cell repair and the immune system as well as our digestive health. Although rest and relaxation is very important this needs to be practiced in moderation as we continue to trust God along our health journey. Let us resist the negative thoughts that we cannot be healthy because we can with God’s help. Let us let go and trust God.

Let’s Recharge

We have looked at how to let go and trust God. This does not mean that we do not have to put in the effort on our healthy journey. We do. But, there is no need to be overwhelmed because what we may find impossible is possible with God. Let us let go of negative thoughts as we aim to recharge and be healthy and happy. As we make the effort to improve our health let us remember to trust God, knowing that we cannot be truly successful on our own. The bible reminds us that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!

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