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Improve The Glow As You Grow

How Does the Sun Affect Your Immune System and Skin?

How does the sun affect your immune system

We continue on our N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T journey today by looking at “S” which stands for sunshine. Sunshine has awesome benefits that will surprise you. But sunshine must be absorbed in moderation. If you want to maintain that awesome glow as you grow sunshine can help. If you want to boost your immune system, sunshine will give you an extra boost.

Before we look at some of the tremendous benefits of sunshine we want to share this devotional thought with you.

Devotional Thought

Why be humble?

Why put the needs of others above my own? If God has blessed me with a leadership position, some money, a job promotion, good grades or a car why should I not be proud? Can’t I be a Christian without being humble?

What really is humility? Is humility really necessary? Yes it is. Humility speaks to self denial. It speaks to the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people. The Bible describes humility as meekness, lowliness and absence of self. One may put on an outward show of humility but still have a heart full of pride and arrogance.

How does the sun affect your immune system
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So how can we improve the glow? How does sunshine affect our immune system and skin?

Sunshine provides us with a great source of Vitamin D. When absorbed in moderation, sunshine gives our immune system a strong boost. Sunlight activates immune cells and increases their movement. When our cells detect a harmful agent they communicate with each other and release white blood cells to the area that is in danger. Sunshine improves our body’s ability to fight against harmful viruses and bacteria. Why not help to build our army of cells as they fight these ailments for us? Why not help to build our defense system so that we can be happy and healthy? Our bodies need sunshine.

We want to be honest with you however. When it comes to our health, things must be done in moderation and absorbing sunshine is no exception. To get the best benefit from sunshine we are encouraged to use sunscreen and to stay in the sun for a period of 10 to 30 minutes to avoid an overdose.

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Now back to this vital resource known as sunshine. Think of it this way. When we take the medication that is prescribed by our doctor it helps us to feel better but we must take the right dosage. Because of the strong boost that sunshine gives our bodies, by maintaining healthy blood levels and helping our bodies to fight viruses we still need it but just in the right dosage.

Did you get your dose of sunshine today? Let’s not deprive our bodies of this vital source of vitamin D.

Let’s get some sunshine and don’t forget to use your sunscreen to stay protected.

But what about the skin? How does the sun affect your immune system which affects your skin?

As we age our skin loses elasticity and tends to develop spots and wrinkles buy there is hope. The ultraviolet (UV) rays helps your skin to maintain a healthy glow even as you grow and it also helps persons with different conditions. The UV light in the sun helps your skin to heal from conditions such eczema and psoriasis which cause rashes and lesions.

Your skin and your immune system work together. Actually your skin is seen to be the primary physical barrier between your blood stream and harmful agents. Your skin has many immune cells and so there is a strong relationship between the two. When we don’t get the right amount of sunshine to boost our immune system this causes severe problems in our skin such as inflammation and hypersensitivity. Our skin will also not be able to heal as efficiently. Our bodies need sunshine. Our immune system not only fights infections but it helps our bodies to recover from wounds. When we receive a wound our immune system releases special cells that helps to remove unnecessary materials from around the wound, prevent infection and helps new cells that are healthy to grow. We need sunshine to boost our immune system and help our skin. If our immune system is weak it will struggle to react so we have to ensure that our immune system is in great shape.

Our skin does not have to lose its glow as we get older. As we grow we can still maintain our glow by absorbing enough sunshine. When it comes to our immune system and our skin health, sunshine is very important. As we know the well-being of our immune system is essential as it tries to fight hard for us.

For persons with eczema it is even more important for you to boost your immune system this is because your epidermis would already be weakened and so you are more vulnerable to bacteria. We don’t want to be more prone to infections and bacteria than we need to. So let us absorb enough sunshine to prevent skin break outs, yeast , bacteria or fungal infections and ofcourse to help our skin to glow.

Before we wrap things up. We want you to know that there are some food items that provide a limited amount of vitamin D such as tuna. However the amount amount of vitamin D that we get from these food sources are limited so we would still be at a great loss without sunshine.

Let’s be happy and healthy. Sunshine not only affects our health but our mood. It releases positive chemicals to the brain that improves our mood and reduces depression. Many people do not know that.

Don’t forget to get your dose of sunshine. Until next time, let’s recharge.

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  1. I love the sun. I used to, well in many ways sill am very much a homebody. Since COVID I have fell in love with the outside, morning walks, sitting out on my porch. It is such a modd booster and I also read recently it helps you sleep better at night. I did not know that about eczema, so interessting.

    Great post!

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