How to save time

How to Save Time on a Busy Day

How to save time
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Hi there! Thanks for coming by our health corner today. So far we have looked at “N”, “E”, “W” and “S” in our N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T regime. Today we look at “T” which stands for temperance. Temperance means to do things in moderation or to have self control. This plays a major role in saving time. If we truly want to know how to save time on a busy day then we have to ensure that we are temperate so that we don’t over do things that should not require much time. Before we examine 4 key steps that we can take to save time on a busy day we want to share this devotional with you.

Devotional Thought

Have you ever wished you had more time to do something? Perhaps another day in the work week or even better another day before Monday comes?

Time is a very important asset. Time is very precious. As Christians we will all be held accountable for our time spent here on earth. It is important that we all prioritize so that important things aren’t left behind.Let us seek to engage in activities that can help us to grow and will also help to build each other up.

Many people want to know how to save time on a busy day. Sometimes there is just so much to do! But we can get things done by following this guide.


Before you go any further, the first thing to do is to prioritize. If you know that you have a busy day coming up start ordering everything that you need to do from most important to least important. This is vital as you want to get the most important things out of the way first. In case of an emergency you can rest assure that those crucial tasks were completed. This causes less panic and will boost your confidence through the day as more and more crucial tasks are completed.

How to save time
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Write, Write, Write

After you have ordered everything mentally from most important to least important, the next step is to write things down. This is extremely important. On a busy day, it is very easy to forget a few things. We want to save time and ensure that everything gets done. The best thing you can do to support you as you go along is to ensure that everything is written so that you have a reference point as your day progresses. Document each task and note the time that each task needs to be completed so that everything can be achieved. Aim to set realistic times and allocate more time to the tasks that are more important and less time to minor tasks. Ensure that you document a time to eat and to take a small break as well. A lot of people tend to neglect their health on a busy day and end up getting sick. Your health is your wealth and should be documented because it is important. We understand just how important this is. Having a daily planner reduces stress and serves as a reference point to boost memory and improve productivity. More than 70% of people benefit from having daily planners.We want to help you to stay organised and get things done. We are offering you a comprehensive planner to help you to stay on track. It comes with a daily to-do-list, chores guide, health tracker and even a meal planner. Reduce the stress and get more things done.

How to save time
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Monitor Each Activity

Now that we have things documented. The next very important thing to do is to monitor reach activity.This starts from when we get up in the morning with our alarm clock to the time that we expect the last task to be completed. This means occasionally checking the time to ensure that we don’t spend more than the allocated time on each task. An a simple and easy yet very effective tool for this is a watch. We can quickly glance at our wrist especially if we have to move back and forth, do many errands or simply won’t have our phones nearby all the time. Once we have monitored our time and work hard to achieve the task in the allotted time then we must mark complete each task and move on to the next. We have to ensure that when monitoring we don’t spend more time than is needed on each task. Remember, temperance is very important. Things must be done in moderation. On a busy day, it is key to stick to the tasks on the list and practice self restraint even though we may be tempted to do things we enjoy. One such temptation may be to spend hours on the phone talking with friends. We have to be temperate especially on a busy day so that we can accomplish our goals and complete the tasks at hand. We have to ensure that our tasks are completed, especially the major ones before we engage in leisure activities.

Get Help

Relax. There are just so many hours in a day and no more. After monitoring a few tasks, if you went overboard due to an emergency or something unexpected happened, seek help. Remember two hands are better than one. You may need an extra hand with the chores or errands or assignments so that they may be completed on time. The key to this is to act early. As soon as you realize that you are off track seek assistance so that all your tasks especially the most important ones don’t get left behind.

We have looked at 4 steps on how to save time on a busy day. Always remember to prioritize, this is super important, then ensure to write, monitor your activities and mark complete once you finish each task. From the experience of many, it is always good to have a watch nearby. This saves time to have to search for your phone especially if its not nearby. With a quick glance at your wrist you can make quick decisions to ensure that you don’t go overboard on each task. Let’s be temperate. Lets do things in moderation by practicing self restraint especially on leisure activities and minor tasks. Being temperate also guards against overworking ourselves to our detriment. So, find a way to take a break. Yes, even on a busy day a little break is important. Ensure you make time to eat. Your health is your wealth.The more you practice to save time, the easier it will become until it just flows naturally. It is still possible to save time on a busy day if you remain focused and work hard.

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