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Grow Your Reach Through Keyword Research – A Vital Tool for Christian Bloggers

In recent times, more and more persons have felt the need to start a christian ministry. Some have started blogs, others have used Youtube or even Facebook to kickstart their ministry. A lot of persons write great content but unfortunately not many people can find their content to benefit from all the encouragement that they give. How can you grow your reach?

If only there was a way to get more persons to view our pages so that we can reach more people  for Christ. Well, guess what? There is. Actually there are many ways that we can grow our ministries as christian bloggers.  One of the main ways is often overlooked and so we don’t see the results that we would like.

Grow Your Reach – Optimize Content

People are searching for solutions but may not be able to find our content because of keywords. The keywords we use should never be overlooked as this plays a very important role in SEO. If you have been blogging for a while or even if you just started you would probably have stumbled across the term SEO. For many this seems a bit intimidating at first but its really not that scary. 

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  This means optimizing our content so that search engines can find us more easily and send more traffic to our website. Keywords play a vital role in search engine optimization. Yes, it is great to have good on-page SEO and backlinks but we have to provide solutions that our target audience need not what we think they need but what they are actively searching for because they want a solution.

Google displays the best, most relevant content to users first. Of course, our content may provide solutions that we think people want to know about. But is it content that they are actually searching for? If they are not searching for those words then the chances of them finding your content is very small.

Grow Your Reach – Serve your audience

Thankfully, there is a keyword research. When we engage in keyword research we find out what users are searching for so that we can serve them better. When we research keywords and optimize our content with those keywords that people are searching for then they can find us and can benefit from our solution.

You don’t have to make the mistakes that many bloggers made by saving keyword research for a later time. Why wait when you can serve more people now by investing in keyword research? Many people have decided to wait and ended up regretting it after they realize just how beneficial keyword research is. 

Grow Your Reach – Use an Accurate, User-friendly Tool

So how can we engage in keyword research? Where do we start?

We strongly recommend KeySearch. Make this tool your best friend. It shows you the volume of persons that have searched for specific keyword(s), the revenue that has been associated with keyword(s) as well as the level of difficulty due to competition for that keyword.

This tool stands out. It shows you the result for the keyword(s) that you searched for as well as related keywords. It also allows you to filter the results for the related keywords. Whether it be for the volume you desire or the revenue associated with each keyword. You can filter the search results to show a closer look based on the words that fits your needs and the needs of your target audience. You can even search related keywords that are long-tailed, that is over a certain number of words or you may even filter related keywords to only display the ones that are below a certain level of difficulty. 

If you are serious about growing your ministry and reaching more people for Christ, then you have to start doing keyword research with KeySearch. Start serving more people with the solutions that you offer. Help them to find you with KeySearch. Use keywords that they are searching for.

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