Devotional Thought

Think about a room with spiders and cobwebs everywhere. Every week someone comes in and removes the cobwebs only to find more cobwebs the following week. Why do you think this happens?

Why are the cobwebs still in the room?
Well friends, the person cleaning the room has forgotten to get rid of the root cause of the problem – the spiders forming the cobwebs.

Many times as christians we are afraid to face the root of our problems head on. Sin is a real struggle and if we are to make it into God’s kingdom we have to resist sin in all forms. So, a plastic cover isn’t enough. Just going to church isn’t enough. It is not enough to only get rid of the cobwebs. It is not enough to appear to be a christian to everyone when deep down we know between ourselves and God that things are not what they should be.

We encourage everyone who is truly sincere about their relationship with God to find those obstacles, those sinful habits you have been struggling with and pray to God earnestly for victory over those sins. Let’s recharge. Pray for the strength to overcome and be determined to resist temptation when it comes. It’s time to get rid of those spiders friends. God bless you!

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