Devotional Thought

Do you have goals?

For most people today goals include finishing school, getting a job, getting a promotion, buying a car, owning a home, starting a family or even a luxurious vacation. We always want to achieve something. Because of this we work hard just to ensure that we meet these goals and as soon as we reach one we work even harder to reach another. It seems as if we are always “working, working, working.”

Working hard is good but if we are not careful it can be detrimental. Being a workaholic can take a toll on your health. Not only does it affect you physically but spiritually as well. It is wonderful to have goals. It is for this reason that we have decided to share a very useful resource with you to help with setting goals. This is free and you are welcomed to share it with friends so they too can make the right decisions when setting goals.


When we set goals however we have to be careful. When it gets to a point where there is no time for God something has to be done. When there is no time for devotions some adjustments have to be made. Friends, we can’t be too busy for God. What if He decided that He was too busy to wake you up this morning? Or too busy to answer your prayers? Our ultimate goal should be to make it into God’s kingdom and to bring others along.If this is our ultimate goal then more time needs to be spent working to achieve it.

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