Devotional Thought

Do you know someone who is always sad? How about someone who has a strong temper? Have you ever come across a person who is always negative?

Being a Christian brings such great joy but we don’t always show it. Yes, the enemy comes in with all kinds of obstacles creating problems and causing stress. But lets not allow him to steal our joy! As God’s children be reassured that you are the apple of His eye. Why be depressed or angry when you know God holds your future in His hands? God has blessed us tremendously. The very fact that we are alive and have food on our table is a privilege that has been denied of many. You may be waiting on something you asked God for but trust His timing. Be good representatives of your creator. While your blessing is coming, while the doors are opening, praise God in the hall way! Instead of being sad and depressed, angry or complaining encourage someone. Instead of dwelling on the negatives focus on the positives and share the goodness of God in your life. Let us strive to represent God the best way we can; be a true ambassador of Christ.

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