Devotional Thought

Are you fueled up?

Over the years gasoline prices have continued to rise. Not long ago fuel prices were half of what they are now. Many sieze the opportunity to get as much fuel as they can as soon as they hear that gas prices are about to rise.

Cars need fuel and people need fuel too. What exactly are you filling your gas tank with?

Are you eating the right food, the kind that will protect you from ailments and diseases later on?
Are you drinking enough water?
What about the air you breathe?
How is your prayer life?

Are you fueling up on faith?
How about love? Peace? Kindness? or Patience? How about studying God’s word & obedience to Him?
Singing praises or even thankfulness?

We need the right kind of fuel that was designed for us.
Friends, we all need to get fueled up regularly to be able to stand amidst the trials and temptations that this world has to offer.

Let’s get fueled up for Christ.


Romans 12:9-17

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