Devotional Thought

Have you ever wished you had more time to do something? Perhaps another day in the work week or even better another day before Monday comes?

Time is a very important asset. Time is very precious. As Christians we will all be held accountable for our time spent here on earth. It is important that we all prioritize so that important things aren’t left behind.Let us seek to engage in activities that can help us to grow and will also help to build each other up.

That means spending more time in God’s word. God created us and He knows what we need. He left a manual for us to follow but many have neglected it. Many Bibles are only opened at church. Few are opened during the week. We need to read God’s word to fortify our minds so that we may be able to discern truth from error. Friends, its not so much about ‘having’ time as it is making time because we make time for things that are important.

It also means reaching out to that brother or sister that we may not have seen for a while. It means lending a helping hand to that brother or sister who may be in need. It means sharing where God has blessed us. It means showing love to those who are undeserving. It means forgiving that brother or sister who may have done you wrong.

As Christians we need to be united with one goal in mind – to make it into God’s kingdom and bring others along. We can only achieve this by using our time wisely not by being selfish in what we believe but by sharing with others the goodness of God’s love. Are we our brother’s keeper? Yes we are.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

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