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Hi family!

In some circles beauty is subjective.

Some persons determine beauty merely by appearance. There are others who use personality as well. Interestingly, there are people who are beautiful inside-out. By their appearance and demeanor you can tell that they have true beauty. Their appearance is great. In addition they have a caring heart, they are kind, peaceful, selfless, humble, respectful, patient and understanding.

As a Christian are you beautiful inside-out? By your appearance and demeanor can others say that you have been walking with Christ? Do others see Jesus in you? By just looking can they tell that you are royal or do your appearance show something different? How about the words you speak? Do you have self control, are you loving, peaceful and kind? Are you concerned about the soul salvation of others or is it all about your walk with Christ alone?

How can you show true beauty, to be beautiful inside and out? True beauty is not just looking ‘pretty’ in a mirror. True beauty is seen when we go above and beyond.

That’s beauty with a purpose!

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We need to be beautiful inside and out because there is a call to stand apart.


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