Devotional Thought

Hi family!

Are you a hoarder?

Do you have a passion for collecting and storing things in your home? Some persons collect practically everything they like and store it even if they don’t need it right away. For some it has become a serious health hazard. Some rooms can’t even be entered! They refuse to let go of these things and as such their homes have been filled with expired or deteriorated goods. What they have is a home filled with clutter with rodents and insects living with them. Are you holding on to clutter?

There is a difference between what is useful and what should be discarded. As Christians our behavior should reflect Christ. We should not hold on to clutter. Anger, jealousy, lust, pride, selfishness and malice should be discarded. As Christians we should think and act in harmony with biblical principles. There is a calling to be different. This means being humble and safeguarding our minds to ensure that worldly amusement does not take control. It means that as Christian ladies, we should be modest in dress and for our fellow males you should practice self-control. It means that we should be healthy and abstain from drugs that will cause our bodies harm. Our conversations should reflect who we are – royalty. We should never seek to tear anyone down but strive to build each other up. As Christians we should use every opportunity we get to share God’s love with someone.

Being a Christian is not a title it’s a lifestyle. Friends, God has a standard. Its time to get rid of the clutter.


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