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    Do you remember playing as a child? Have you ever been in a race? Have you ever won a race? Well, we all have a race to run. This race has the best reward you can ever think of.

    The year 2020 has gone down in history as one of the most memorable years for many. This year has been filled with many surprises, for some pain, some frustration, others miracles or for some life lessons.This year has been quite a race so far. It has left a lot of people wondering if God has forgotten them. Some have started to wonder if God still has a plan for their lives. Yes, you may have faced obstacles along this race but let us not be discouraged.

    You may or may not be a christian. Maybe you were even contemplating starting or growing a ministry for God’s glory or maybe you were searching for answers and 2020 caught you by surprise. You may have had new year resolutions but some have been placed on hold. Despite everything that has happened there is one thing that we all have and that is life. Most people have now come to realise that this is a precious gift.

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    With this precious gift we still have the opportunity to call a friend, encourage each other and lend a helping hand.

    No matter what has has happened, be reminded that God has made you His priority. He chose to wake you up this morning. He loves you unconditionally and yes He still has a plan for your life.

    Be encouraged. God has a plan for your life. He still has you on His mind.

    To all mothers, sons, fathers and daughters rest assured than God has not forgotten you. He still has you on His mind. His plan is to prosper you and not to harm you. Let us trust His timing.

    If you are a wife, a husband, student, teacher, or even if you have lost a job or someone dear to you keep going God is not finished with you yet.

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    If you are a christian who has started a ministry whether it is through singing, helping the less fortunate, or sharing God’s love through digital means you are needed now more than ever. Jump over those hurdles of discouragement and doubt and speed towards the curve of hope. Go, go, go! Keep going. God is not finished with you yet. There is a special role that only you can fit in your own way. Someone needs your ministry. God sees, He understands and you will be rewarded.

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    Your ministry can be any talent that you have that you would like to use for God’s glory as you share and serve those around you. Let’s not make anyone or anything come between our relationship with God. Keep going. God is not finished with you yet. He wants you to work for Him.

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    “What if I am not a christian?” If you are not a christian as yet God still loves you. He knows you by name. Actually, you are very dear to Him. He gave His life just to save you and He wants to have a personal relationship with you. He is calling you to a better life. This world brings pain and suffering. He brings joy and peace. This world keeps saying things are impossible but with God all things are possible. As you continue along life’s journey be encouraged that God is not finished with you yet.

    Whichever category you may fall, we are all a part of this race called life. If we are faithful we have a sure reward; eternal life; a place in God’s kingdom, a home with no death, pain or suffering. But in order to win this race we have to be prepared. This race is not easy. There are obstacles along the way but it is all worth it.

    Temptation and hardship will come. Wrong may not seem so wrong because everyone is doing it but in order to complete this race we have to stand firm. We have to focus on Christ and follow His plan for our lives. I surely want to finish this race and I know you do too. Stay tuned for “My Recharge Spot” our special feature that empowers everyone to re-energize for the journey. Let us follow God’s guide and run with endurance the race that is set before us. No matter what happens, don’t give up. Keep going. God is not finished with you yet. Let us run in such a way that we may win!

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    Hebrews 12:1

    Jeremiah 29:11

    1st Corinthians 9: 24

  • Dialing The Wrong Number

    Hi family,

    Who do you dial when you are angry, excited or in need of comfort?

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    Are you dialing the wrong number?

    I know there is someone out there who may have shared a secret with a “friend” or it could even be a relative and came to regret it afterwards. And why is that so? Not every number we go dialing is the right number. Some are not genuine, some have to be temporarily disconnected because they turn our secrets or mistakes into gossip. Some were once active and true to us but are “no longer in service”. The people at the end of the line no longer desire our good. Fortunately, you may not have had this experience but there are many people who do. Yes, because they went dialing the wrong number.

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    We serve a God who is always available to listen to us and provide all the help that we need. And yet, even though talking to Him is so simple and free to everyone, many people still don’t go to Him in prayer.

    So many of us are dialing the wrong number when things happen.

    We consult everyone except the one we really should. The first person we should talk to is often times the last or sometimes we don’t even talk to Him at all. The one who holds our future should never be last on the list. In fact, he should be on speed dial.

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    Many persons go to God after the fact, when things go downhill. But what about going to Him before we make our decisions? Why not seek Him first? When we follow God’s leading we can rest assured that He always has our best interest at heart.

    It is for this very reason that we will be launching “My Recharge Spot” very soon. This is a place for you, your family and your friends, a place for everyone to come, take a break from the busy routine and recharge.

    When we are recharged we are better able to make decisions that are in our best interest, decisions that bring us closer to Christ.

    If you or someone you know has made a bad decision in the past where you went dialing the wrong number, there is still hope. God is still available to answer your calls. Why not dial Him today?

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    When blessed, pray.

    When going through trials, pray.

    When in doubt, pray.

    When depressed, pray.

    When anxious, pray.

    When you see someone falling, pray.

    When you are struggling or even when you are overflowing with blessings, don’t ever forget to talk to God.

    Don’t go dialing the wrong number. Remember to thank Him when you are blessed too and not only when things look dim.

    When was the last time that you spent quality time with God? He is waiting to hear from you.

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    1st Thessalonians 5:17
  • Half Empty? Or Half Full?

    Hi family,

    For a brief moment think about a glass that has water poured half way into it. Is this glass really half way full or is it half way empty?

    For some they believe it is half way empty. They look at the short-comings. They compare things with the ideal and just can’t seem to be happy unless everything is absolutely perfect. They look at the negatives, the drawbacks the gap between what happened and what should have happened.

    Some go around wearing frowns on their faces because they always look at what went wrong even if a million things have gone right.

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    Then there are those who believe that the glass is half way full. They count their blessings. They acknowledge when progress has been made and try to look on the bright side of things.

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    They mostly wear smiles and are happy when things grow or get better even if it’s not perfect just yet.

    There maybe a few exceptions to the rule but many psychologists say that optimists believe the glass is half full and pessimists believe it is half way empty.

    Regardless of what you believe, not everything will be perfect. However, life is far too precious to be walking around with a frown. Look around you hundreds of thousands of people have died because of the recent Carona Virus but you are still here. That’s enough to be thankful for! Every day we live is a gift.

    gift, made, package
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    So, if you always go around with a frown remember the one who woke you up this morning. God could have chosen not to but He made you His priority. While at present some aspects of your life may not be the best we still have many things to be thankful for.

    Being positive and happy is even good for our health. On the other hand being negative, upset or worried has a negative impact on our health.

    Smiling not only improves our mood but helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins that provide numerous benefits including:

    • Reduced blood pressure
    • Reduced pain
    • Increased endurance

    However, it is said that frowning puts more pressure on mucles and being angry has a negative impact on the heart and lungs.

    heart, pulse, health
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    Let’s count our blessings! We serve a wonderful Saviour who loves us unconditionally. He did not sacrifice His life to see us frown everyday. He wants us to be happy. He has provided health, food, clothing and shelter and family and friends for support.

    Let us be more positive. Think about God’s love and goodness that has brought us through and can bring us through again.

    Stop doubting, stop worrying, stop being easily angered. God sees, He knows and He understands. God has a plan just for you but while He reveals it while the door opens praise Him in the hall way!

    So family, because we know the wonderful God we serve let’s have a brighter perspective on things. Let’s be more positive.

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    Proverbs 17:22 

    John 14:1


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    Do you remember the last time that you went shopping?

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    Some people shop every day, some weekly and some wait until the end of the month and do one big shopping. They prefer to buy everything for the month all at once. Some people shop in families while others shop alone.

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    Shopping lines are longer at certain times of the year such as during late December or during the hurricane season when a major storm is near or even in the phase of a pandemic which we saw recently. Having heard of COVID-19 and the dangers that came with it, many people rushed to supermarkets to buy all they could. Many shelves were empty.

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    But regardless of how often we shop, who we shop with or how long we have to wait in shopping lines we all have to proceed to checkout.

    While proceeding to checkout we would have a fair understanding of the bill because each item has a price tag.

    A wise shopper knows how much funds are available and while shopping ensures that the items selected falls within the budget. Otherwise at checkout he or she may encounter some problems.

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    At checkout we are told the final price and we are asked to pay in full.

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    To pay in full the payment offered has to be sufficient to cover the final price.

    You see family, sin came with complications.

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    Similar to the items in the grocery store or supermarket sin has a price tag. The price, penalty or payment required for sin is death.

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    Stay with me, don’t lose this point. To pay in full we would have to die. Without any plan of payment all hope would be lost! But something happened family. Mercy said no! Jesus died on the cross and paid the price just for you. Our divine credit card was swiped and our eternal mode of payment was activated! I wish someone would praise God right now. Your debt, what you owe was paid in full.

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    The saviour of the universe loved you so much that he decided to pay the price for your sins. No greater love you will find.

    So family every time you get discouraged, whenever the enemy comes with his temptation, or if at anytime you feel that you are not valuable remember that your bill was paid in full. You are loved unconditionally by the one who holds the world in His hands.

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    Go forth today, tomorrow and beyond with hope because we know who holds the future. All we need to do now is to serve Him. Stop worrying and doubting God. He always has your best interest at heart.

    Jesus paid it all!

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    Romans 6: 23
    Galatians 1:4
    John 3: 16

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  • No Ordinary Apple

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    Hi Family,

    Fruits! Fruits! Fruits!

    Some people like apples or oranges. Some even grapes. What is your favourite fruit?

    Apple is a popular choice because it is nutritious providing a rich source of vitamin c and fibre. Ofcourse we all know the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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    But did you know that apple, a favourite fruit of many is referred to in the bible as well?

    This extra ordinary fruit is used to show just how important you are to God. You are the apple of God’s eye! Apple is seen by many to be the central point or pupil or focus. That part of the eye that is securely protected. Rest assured that right now where you are, no matter what situation you are in God knows you. God loves you. You are in His focus. He cares about you. You are precious to Him! He has not forgotten you.

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    You are extra special! One of a kind! So why worry? Why fear? You are no ordinary apple!

    God has a way of showing up and delivering His children. Have you ever stopped to consider just how much God loves you? God loves you with an everlasting love, a love that is unconditional, “agapē”. He woke you up this morning and it is only because of His grace and mercy why you were able to see another day.

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    If we could attach a price to ourselves, how much do you think you would be valued? Jesus paid the price for our sins. The creator of the universe died in our place. We are of infinite value to God! We are the apple of His eyes.

    No wonder He has blessed us tremendously. But many times we dwell on obstacles or trials and forget the blessings that we have been given. We forget that God has blessed us with life, health, family, friends, food, clothing, shelter, talents and the list goes on. We tend to forget that everything we have is because of God’s love. In fact, the very reason we are here is because of His grace.

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    Family, lets pledge to spend more time with God. He loves you and He wants to hear from you. He was willing to sacrifice His life for you. Are you willing to sacrifice some time for Him?

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    Zechariah 2:8
    Psalm 17:8
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