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Amateur Bloggers – Mistakes to Avoid

Most amateur bloggers tend to make these mistakes. If you are fairly new to blogging, whether you are blogging as a hobby, for ministry or you plan to do it professionally there are some common mistakes to avoid if you want to grow your reach and have a stronger impact.

Amateur Bloggers
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Amateur Bloggers, Narrow Your Niche

One common mistake is failing to narrow your niche. At the beginning most bloggers want to provide great solutions to everyone. They have so much to share with the world. They feel as though narrowing their niche will make them loose out. This is quite the contrary. Most bloggers have felt the negative effects of not narrowing their niche. This is because people are searching for solutions to specific problems. If they can only find one solution on your blog but then there is another website or blog that offers many solutions to their specific need then they are more likely to stick with the other blog that is focused on their specific niche as they can find more solutions to their problems on that blog. That blog is more tailored to their needs so they will visit, share and even purchase items that they need from that website as they can relate more to the content on that blog. Most successful bloggers have a specific audience and they provide solutions to this targeted audience. Don’t run the risk of being too broad with content. Amateur bloggers are encouraged not to make the same mistake that other bloggers do.

Amateur Bloggers
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Amateur Bloggers, Don’t Neglect SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most amateur bloggers ignore this because it seems a bit intimidating. If you want to provide solutions to what people are searching for then don’t go any further. Pay keen attention to SEO. Don’t be like many bloggers who ignore this in the beginning and come to regret it afterwards. Whether its for a hobby, ministry or a business we all want to have a strong impact. We want to bring our message across and help as many people as we can. Search engine optimization entails optimizing the content on our pages to include headings and distribution of keywords as well as off-page SEO such as backlinks. There is the technical element as well that includes things like site speed. For amateurs, what is super important is that you don’t waste time writing content that you find interesting and very helpful but people just aren’t searching for the keywords that are in your blog post. This is where Keyword Research comes in. When we engage in Keyword Research we find out what people are searching for so that we can serve them better. For more information on Keyword research you may read our article on How to Grow Your Reach Through Keyword Research.

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Amateur Bloggers, Remember to Share Your Content

After all the awesome work that has gone into a blog post, amateur bloggers must remember to share their content. Many people spend hours on social media each day. There is a high possibility that your target audience is on social media as well. This means there is someone on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even Whatsapp who could very well benefit from the solution that you have to offer. Always remember to share your content as this can improve your reach and provide solutions to those who may need it. Try to get involved in online communities as well especially communities where you may find your target audience. However, be careful not to be too spammy. Try to build a relationship with community members overtime and then offer help by sharing a link to your post. Ensure that this provides a solution and is not just a quick way to get visitors to your blog. Social media is good for amateur bloggers as it is a cost effective way to grow your reach and helps your ministry or business to have a stronger impact.

Amateur Bloggers, Organize Time Wisely

For most bloggers, especially in the beginning there is just a lot to do. It may get overwhelming because of the vast amount of things that you have to do. Time now needs to be spent to learn as much as you can, as well as to post as much as you can, as well as to share as much as you can. How can amateurs possibly balance everything that they have to do? We completely understand that for amateur bloggers it is easy to become overwhelmed and so we have designed a free daily planner to help you to stay on track.

This is our gift to you. Get your free daily planner here. If you want to learn more about how to save time on a busy day you can read our article here to help you to stay organized. As amateur bloggers it is important to balance your time between learning and doing. The doing is very important. It is the doing, that is actually publishing the content that will bring more readers to our blog and will help readers to keep coming back. If every time readers come to your blog there isn’t much to read or they have read it all before then eventually they will lose interest and stop visiting your blog. It is very important to keep publishing content. Don’t ever underestimate how important it is to staying organized. This is key for all bloggers especially amateur bloggers.  

Amateur Bloggers

Amateur Bloggers, Increase Your Control with Hosting

This page may contain affiliate links. These are helpful tools that we have used and which we recommend to you if you really want to improve your journey as a blogger. Many bloggers have used them and are glad that they did.

Another common mistake that amateur bloggers make is to use a free domain. This may seem great because it is cost-effective but it may hurt you in the near future.  Free domains are very much limited. Having your own self-host website or blog is a big advantage. This is because it gives you more control over your blog. When you have your own domain through self-hosting you get a unique link. There is more authority and your blog is seen by many readers to be more official. You have the option of choosing the plugins that you want to use on your blog and you are not restricted. While there is a cost for this, it very affordable as it saves the frustration of being restricted. You have control over the look and feel of your website and can customize it the way that you like.

Amateur Bloggers
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If you already have a third party domain such as Blogger, Medium or this can easily be migrated to a self-hosting platform so don’t worry you don’t have to lose all your content. When your domain is seen to be more official then more readers will trust you and will spend more time reading your content. They will share your content and be even more willing to purchase from you. Having a self-hosting website is more than worth it. This is an investment that we recommend for all amateur bloggers if you are serious about growing your reach and having a stronger impact for your blog whether it’s for a hobby, ministry or business.

We have found one self-hosting platform to be very reliable and so we are leaving this very helpful link below for SiteGround. It gives your website great speed which boosts your SEO. They also have great customer support unlike some of the other platforms. Its is also super easy to import your previous blog if you already had one. Don’t make the same mistake that most bloggers make. Improve your control by switching to a reliable and customer friendly hosting provider. Your blog will be seen by readers to be more official and credible. Most bloggers are glad that they made the switch to SiteGround. This is worth the investment.

Today we have looked at common mistakes that most bloggers make. Our goal is to encourage amateur bloggers not to make these same mistakes. If you truly want to grow your reach and have a stronger impact then it is important to narrow your niche, remember SEO, stay organized and improve your control and credibility with self-hosting . It is important to make the effort to improve your blog because someone needs your solution. Your hobby, ministry or business matters.

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  1. These are all great tips as to what not to do as a blogger. Sometimes I need these reminders from time to time. Thank you for sharing!

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