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Our Ministry Hope for All

On this christian journey there may be curves and speedbumps. There may even be road blocks and stops signs. At times you may see caution lights and you may even get flat tires. But along this journey if there is a spare called faith and you have an engine called perseverance and better yet, if your driver is God you will endure to the end! He is our source of hope. Our ministry seeks to share this hope by sharing the goodness of God’s love.


Our community provides a support system for christians. As christians we need to bond together in difficult times.

We make it our priority to uplift everyone by sharing words to encourage, inspire and empower.

Join our christian family to receive hope and encouragement. Our family understands. We also offer solutions to improve your business and practical tips to improve your relationship with Christ.

Become a part of a great family. We are our brother’s and sister’s keeper.   


We donate proceeds to the less fortunate so they too may receive hope. For more information click here.

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Support Along Life's Journey

What People are Saying

Read your devotional thought. Thank you for the reminder to focus on God and not on what we expect to get from Him. He knows what we need and what He gives is all we need. I remember a quote I saw on Pinterest that says something like “what you don’t have at the time, you don’t need at the present” so you don’t have to worry about anything because God will give it to you according to His timetable. Also gained few pounds during quarantine, thank you for these tips! Since we’re all stuck at home, there’s really no excuse anymore not to give time for exercise.
I didn’t think lemon contains this much benefits especially, I was surprised to hear that lemon helps in weight loss journey. Thank you so much for sharing!
I need this. I have not been as active since the covid lock down. Thanks for sharing.
What an inspirational post thank you so much for sharing with me today!

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Devotional Readings

Devotions remind us that God will never leave us nor forsake us

Inspirational Songs

Encouraging songs for peace, hope and joy throughout the day.

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Practical life tips as fuel to keep us recharged for the christian journey.​

Caring Christian Community

A support system along life's journey. Each one can reach one with a message of hope.

Quizzes & Activities

Bible Quizzes and Activities for all ages

Business Solutions

We help to improve small businesses.​​

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